Customer Comments:

From Eric Allen

I hadn't been to SLE in many years but when I taxied up to SAC in my PC-12, they treated me like an old friend. I got the red carpet treatment and excellent service even though my 4 pax were only there for a couple of hours. I highly recommend SAC for us corporate types.


From Pat Groves

Although we had not been to Salem Air Center in a couple of years, we were greeted like old friends. The service was very friendly and helpful. We were provided a rental car for a couple hours at half price. The parting gift of a package of cinnamon jellybeans "to make sure we didn't go to sleep in the cockpit" was very nice. The restaurant next door is excellent.


From Mark Smith

Great FBO. Called ahead for car. Car was driven to us within one minute of engine shutdown. Fast, clean, web access and nice people.


From Adam Courtney

Excellent Service. I flew into Salem two weekends in a row and was given excellent service each time. The first time it was raining and I was greeted with a smile and an umbrella! The second time, I was again greeted promptly, although it was sunny so the umbrella wasn’t needed. Their staff is extremely helpful and friendly, even to a guy only flying a 172.


From Eric Lancaster

Kudos! Flew in to Salem and was greeted at the plane with a red carpet. Passengers were impressed. The folks behind the counter were full of helpful suggestions. Got my passengers on their merry way quickly and efficiently. I only need 20 gals but bought 30 anyways. Guys there made sure all the pilots in the lounge were taken care of as well as their planes and passengers. Real friendly folk. Recommend Salem Air Center for anyone doing business in the area!


From Annonymous

Really appreciated the service at the FBO! Came in to celebrate our anniversary. They got us a great car, excellent hotel and wonderful recommendations on out of the way places to eat and visit. Great red carpet treatment! Highly recommend this FBO.


From Annonymous

Wow! you got to love this place! We got a car, Hotel and great reference to a place to eat! Super staff on the field! Parked us, helped us with our bags. Red carpet treatment!


From Brian Deeds

Bent over backwards for a Seminole...even with a Hawker on the ramp. Great people. Very friendly. I echo everyone's comments about the mananger, top notch! Roscoe's is great too, make this a planned stop.


From Jose Gonzalez

Just visited three days ago. The restaurant is excellent and the staff very accommodating. I highly recommend this stop.


From Ray Hedrick


Salem Air Center is a terrific place to stop, as we did 8/16/04. GREAT service, attractive fuel prices, and they go the extra mile to help you feel comfortable and like a guest!!! Try them. (Also, try eating next door at Roscoe's Landing, which boasts a nice elevated view of the airport as well as fine dining in an informal setting.) Yes, the manager at Salem Air Center does take an active role, leading the company to real excellence. Thanks, Salem Air Center.




From Ken Sutton

The manager is especially competent and concerned about the service we received. He is very involved and the linemen did an exceptional job. They arranged our fueling and our rental car for our two-day stay. Everything worked perfectly.


From Terry Pickering

When I arrived and parked in front of the restaurant, they came right over, chocked the plane and gave me bottle of water when I got out. I said I had already fueled up, but they said "Hey next time". I'll stop again as their price was $.40 cheaper than at Hillsboro.


From J Cathro

Salem Air Center was absolutely terrific. We got the red carpet treatment, which doesn't always happen for 172 drivers. They had a cab ready for us in minutes, had booked a hotel at a great rate (on the memorial day weekend), free parking overnight with the fill up, a very functional computer setup for flight planning, with a printer that actually worked. 4 stars for Salem Air Service.


From Ray Brice

Salem Air Center provided me with absolutely everything I could have wanted on my recent visit with my 1956 Twin Bonanza.   I had called ahead to make sure they knew I was flying in and they had a free rental car out to the airplane before I could get the door open almost. The next day speedy fueling, and oiling, and great service. I highly recommend the folks at Salem Air Service.


From Major Connelly, Farah, Afghanistan

I wanted to thank each and everyone at Salem Aviation Fueling for taking the time and effort to send us a care package.  Mine came from Major Connelly.  He passed the good will to all and I was the lucky recipient from Salem Aviation.  It is nice to know that there are people thinking of us while we deployed here for 1 year, especially during the holiday season.